Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Captain Clash

I didn’t get to the game until the top of the ninth, with the Red Sox down 3-2, and Mariano Rivera strutting his stuff to the mound. I was actually confident about this situation.

If there’s a plus coming out of this game, it’s the fact the Red Sox have Rivera’s number. It’s been three straight games the invincible Rivera has blown a save against the Sox, something that’s got to send chills down the spines of Brian Cashman. Not to mention Joe Torre hitting himself with the bat some more times.

Then Foulke made a bad pitch, and the clutch Derek Jeter sent the fans home happy to the tune of Frank Sinatra and the satisfaction that their pinstripes are back on top. Everyone’s pissed at Renteria, not only for his lack of hitting, but his defense. Manny can’t hit the broad side of a barn. People want Mientkiewicz instead of Millar. Everyone calm down and check out the calendar.

Clement review: His usual. He keeps you in the game, something the Red Sox offense should feed off of, but is not overpowering. Don’t expect many great games from him. This is why his ERA is low, but his win total is not high. His mound demeanor is average, but overall, Clement was mediocre today.

Besides Keith Foulking it up, the bullpen looks great. It hurts that we’re losing to our main rival, especially in this fashion. But we got to Mariano The Magnificent, and this was a definite improvement from Sunday night. Time for Wake to pick us up tomorrow afternoon.


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