Monday, April 04, 2005

Revenge Of Small Proportions

Everyone calm down. Put down the knife, the pepper spray and poison. Slowly drive your car away from the bridge and walk away from the porch ledge. It’s alright. There’s 161 to go.

Bottom line: This is the game the Yankees have been waiting for all winter. It was sort of a revenge from last year, just to wake the Red Sox up and tell remind them who’s still the king of baseball. Boomer didn’t want to be in that situation, and everybody noticed.

The great thing about this rivalry, and about baseball, is that momentum can change at any point. Right now, the Yankees are confident. Matsui has gotten off to a tremendous start. They know they have that psychological advantage back the Red Sox carried all offseason. But don’t expect these idiots to fold right away and get all worried. Don’t even expect David Wells to get worried. They, and us Red Sox fans, know it’ll be fine.

Sure it was a big opening day game, but we have a while to go. There are even question marks after Day 1, though. Renteria looked painful trying to swing the bat. Maybe it was nerves. Will David Wells hold up for the season? Maybe it was the Yankee Stadium pressure. So many maybe’s, thank God it’s not October.

Clement takes the mound tomorrow. I’m thinking seven strong.


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