Monday, February 21, 2005

Cowboy Up!

Kevin Millar chiming in from Fort Myers, talking about his claim the Red Sox took shots of Jack Daniels before some postseason games:
"This thing honestly took on a life of its own," he said yesterday, the day before the official reporting date for position players. "This had nothing to do with alcohol. It was as if I said, `OK, we're not gonna shower,' and then we won and we wouldn't shower the next day. It was a symbolic toast, something we did as a unit. But it doesn't matter if it was Gatorade or Jack Daniel's. That's what was unfortunate because it went off like it was about the alcohol and that's not what it was about."

"The Jack Daniel's was in the clubhouse," said Millar. "It's part of a major league locker room. It was a toast and it turned into: `We won, so we gotta do it tomorrow.' It wasn't everybody. It was just whoever was around. If you were there, you would laugh. It was literally a Gatorade cup of a toast, you can't even dribble a half a cup of water. But it was not about the alcohol. This game is hard enough. You're not playing this game drunk, and that's where the radio shows went off, saying, `You're not a good role model.'

"We knew what went on, but what can you do? The story kept growing and it's like a fishing line, it keeps going and what can I do? You can't stop it. I regret saying it now. When I'm talking, I wear my heart on my sleeve and I probably say things that I shouldn't say. I've gotten myself in trouble that way. It was unfortunate because we'd just won a World Series and things were good and then all of a sudden this black cloud comes in.

"I spoke with Theo [Epstein] and I spoke with [Terry] Francona and they were like, `What's going on here?' I explained to them. They were like, `Zip it,' basically. I apologized. I'm not out there trying to hurt anybody."

On almost being traded:

"It was a rough situation because I was scared I was going to be traded because that's part of the business," Millar said. "I didn't want to leave. I want to play for the Red Sox."

On Doug Mientkewicz and the World Series ball:

"I called him when that story came out and left him a message and said, `That's me and Ortiz's ball,' " Millar said. "I didn't realize it was such a big national story, but he didn't call me back. Now I know how he's feeling, because that's like what happened to me with the Jack. It was nice not to be part of that story."

On beating the Yanks and winning it all:

"Red Sox Nation has got bragging rights now. No more of those 1918 sayings. And the Yankees have to be bitter. To lose four in a row? Getting swept? That's rough."

"Everything happened so fast," said Millar. "I saw Franco Harris last week and he said, `This stuff will not sink in until you retire. What you guys did will not happen again in our lifetime.' We didn't even get a chance to have a team dinner. We won the World Series and had the parade and everybody scattered."

Quotes courtesy of Dan Shaughnessy’s article in the Globe.


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